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Geodäsie (DGK)


Land and Real Estate Management

As an activity-oriented component of regional development and land policy. land and real estate management includes all planning and development processes, as well as assessment and regulatory measures for the utilization of land surfaces andconstruction grounds. In doing this it makes use of the required legal tools, economic procedures, scientific engineering methods and governance forms, thereby supporting sustainable land use and thereal estate market functionality.

The challenges posed at present to land and real estate management result mainly from the rapid demographic processes of growth and shrinkage, the social and economic transformations within urban and rural regions, climate change and a new appreciation of governance. Current research projects deal with the sustainable and resilient development of cities, villages and regions, with socially just, economically stable and resource-efficient use of land, with the equivalence of living standards in all regions under consideration, with climate protection and adaptation to climatic conditions, as well as with real estate markets in the context of internationalisation and globalization and the advancement of adequate methods of evaluation.